Framed Panoramas


All-in-one service to frame and print your Panoramic photos.

Framing Your Panoramic Photos 

Framed panoramic prints allow you to print your panorama and purchase a durable frame that fits it properly. Target Photo’s frames are made from high-quality, MFD engineered wood that is painted in the color of your choice. Smaller prints come with a 1⅛-inch wide frame and larger panoramas come with a 2-inch wide frame. Panoramic print sizes range from 6 to 12 inches high and up to 58 inches wide. You can print panoramic pictures from your iPhone, Android, or computer. Framed panoramas are popular for displaying around the home or gifting for various occasions.

  • Framed Panoramic Prints start at 6 inches high and go up to 12 inches.
  • Framed Panoramic Prints can be as long as 58 inches.
  • Panoramas are framed to the custom length; your photo is not cropped or distorted.
  • Panoramas are framed as one print, not segments.
  • Frame your digital SLR and iPhone Panoramic Pictures
  • Framed panoramas are only available in matte finish.
  • Target does not color correct your images; your image will be printed and framed exactly as it was uploaded.
  • Framed Panoramic Prints are easy to create, simply upload your image, choose your height and choose your mat and frame color.
  • Due to the customization of this product shipping times will be extended. 
  • Frames are made with MFD engineered wood.
  • Smaller Panoramas come with a 1 1/8" wide frame, but as the image increases the frame will automatically increase to the 2" wide frame.
Create Framed Panoramas

Framed Panos Size Ranges & Pricing (without Mats)

Print Size





Max Length

Price 6" $77.60 $127.06 $174.01 $365.73 56 inches
Price 8" $86.36 $128.19 $191.00 $368.48 56 inches
Price 10" $86.93 $142.94 $218.57 $371.23 56 inches
Price 12" $97.17 $144.08 $220.28 $454.13 56 inches
Price 20" $130.47 $183.58 $324.22 $465.13 56 inches

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