Photo Mugs

Customized mugs add the perfect signature to your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or chosen beverage. Create a personalized picture mug with your favorite photo or multiple photos that will make you smile with every sip. Set your mug apart from the rest and bring warmth to grandparents, family, or friends with a unique and useful photo mug of your design. The perfect gift year round, picture mugs are great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or anniversary gifts.

Target Photo Custom Mugs come in 11oz black or white, 15oz and 20oz white mugs. With Target Photo custom-made mugs you can create a personalized mug with only photos or choose from a popular assortment of designs. Great styles include the Greatest Dad, Peach Mug, and the Mom Collage Mug. Delightfully surprise all with an 11oz heat activated Magic Mug. Fill up your Magic Mug with a warm beverage and watch your photos appear. Ready to make magic? Upload your photos, preview your design, and order your photo mug in a few easy clicks with Target Photo!