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  1. Our top 10 holiday gifts!

    All of us want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, so why not personalize? From gallery style canvas to panoramas or holiday gifts, let’s look at our favorite 10 products that make excellent gifts!

    1. Metal Prints

    Do you have a friend or family member with a more modern, sleek taste? If so, metal prints make the perfect gift. These come in many sizes and in both curved and flat. If you're looking for something smaller, the curved metal prints are great for desktops and dressers. Our metal prints are 100% aluminum and feature the highest quality finish.


    2. Wrapped Canvas

    Wrapped canvas is one of the newest and most loved products! Rather than the more traditional look of framing, wrapping your photos on our high-quality canvas on wooden pro bars will take your photos to a new level. Anyone you plan to gift these to will be in love with the design, quality, and elegant touch.


    3.  Ornaments

    Holiday decor this time of year makes us all smile - the music, lights, and especially the tree! In additional to ribbon, stars, and lights, holiday ornaments are a must. Here at Target Photo, you can customize your ornaments with your own designs or photos. This year, we have brand new designs to accent your images - including new trims and collage designs that can be printed on wood or metal! These are perfect for showing off pictures of your newest family member, children, or furry friends.


    4. Blankets

    'Tis the season for snow, warm socks, and snuggles by the fire, so why not top it all off with a personalized blanket. These blankets come in two textures - fleece and sherpa. Both our fleece and blankets are 100% soft polyester fleece with sherpa offering a special plush faux wool backing. You can add your own design, a simple image, or enjoy one of our designs by adding in your own images! The best thing: they are 60% off until the end of the year!


    5. Holiday Cards

    Holiday cards are the absolute best go-to way to send your love and blessings during the holidays! Filling your tree or fireplace with cards from friends and family is always special. So you have even more to choose from, we’ve added three new trims and tons of new designs. There's so many people we love to greet for the holidays, but can't always get a gift. Cards are just the answer. Order yours and get 50% off until the end of the year!


    6. Hahnemühle Fine Art HD Canvas Wraps

    Similar to our wrapped canvas prints, the Hannemühle Fine Art HD prints are wrapped on "1.75 in wooden pro bars which give them an elegant, modern, gallery style look. Hannemühle is one of the most world-renowned and oldest fine art paper companies, so these canvases are the best of the best. You can choose a matte or glossy finish - whatever best fits your photo!


    7. Mugs

    It's the time of year for warm, toasty drinks to beat off the cold, so mugs are always a great and simple go-to gift. Featuring your favorite photo of family, friends, or pets, these mugs are a timeless and personal. If you're feeling creative, you can easily choose our photo only option, then upload your own graphic design, artwork, or quote.


    8. Framed Panoramas

    Do you have a panoramic photo of a special beach, hiking trip, or beloved city? A place that holds dear memories? Look no further than our panoramas. From large to small, you can prints your favorite panoramas framed and ready-to-hang. These will make a special holiday gift that will look beautiful in any space.


    9. Phone Cases

    One of the most popular holiday gifts is, of course, new phones. This year, we have tons of new designs that fit every personality, as well as the newest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung S8, and Samsung S8 Plus models. For those of you that would rather not use your own image, we have all new static graphic designed phone cases ready-to-order.


    10. Acrylics

    Last but not least, acrylics. If you’re looking for a unique, sleek way to display your pictures, this is the way to go. Photo acrylics print directly onto 1/4" acrylic, providing the brilliant clarity of glass in a lightweight, durable, easy-to-maintain product. The hanging hardware allows the acrylic to float on the wall, and the polished edges give it a clean, modern finish.


    Thanks for checking out our favorite 10 holiday gifts! Enjoy this happy season.

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  2. Wrapped Prints: The Distinctions of Each Product

    Finding the best way to display your artwork or pictures can be difficult - especially when there are so many options that seem similar. Depending on the image, where you’d like to place it, and how you want it displayed, there’s many decisions to make in order to find the perfect fit. Slight differences between products can be hard to distinguish online, so we’re here to help. Today, we’ll lay out the different types of gallery wrapped products.

    1. Photo Wraps

    If you’re looking for an affordable yet beautiful way to hang your photos, these are for you. All photo wraps come wrapped on 1.75” thick wooden pro bars with a saw tooth hanger. Rather than canvas or textured fine art paper, photo wraps are printed on traditional, high-quality photo paper - it has a glossy finish and great durability. Imagine your favorite photograph hand-wrapped as if it were canvas. We offer a wide variety of sizes, from 8x10 to 24x36, so you can easily customize your photo wrap to fit any space.

    Photo WrapsPhoto Wraps


    2. Hahnemühle HD Canvas Wraps

    When it comes to fine art papers and canvas wraps, Hahnemühle is the way to go. With over 400 years of experience and long-standing global reputation, Hahnemühle are a great way to insure that your print has the highest definition and lasts a lifetime. Unlike our photo wraps, these HD Canvases are a traditional canvas material made of poly-cotton and cotton. Their fine texture and bright white point that allows for vibrant colors and sharp contrast for black and white images. We offer two distinct HD canvases: Daguerre and Leonardo. Although both canvas types are similar canvas material, the Daguerre canvas has a matte finish, and the Leonardo has a glossy finish. Depending on your preference and image, you can choose what works perfectly for you.







    3. Fine Art Wraps (Coming Soon!)

    From what we’ve told you about Hahnemühme fine art materials, these are no exception. Hahnemühle’s fine art papers have a heavy weight, durability, and meet the highest archival standards. Rather than photo paper or canvas, the fine art paper wraps are actually your choice of one of our fine art papers wrapped on the 1.75” wooden pro bars. You can check out more about Hahnemühle fine art papers and types that we offer here.



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  3. Fine Art Prints: Why are they special?

    What are Fine Art Prints?

    Our Fine Art Prints are printed in our Hahnemühle Certified Lab on papers with pigment inks through our state-of-the-art Inkjet printers. Using Epson K3, 3 levels of Black, and HDR, High Dynamic Range, pigment ink to print our fine-art gives maximum gamut and color reproduction for gallery-like prints.

    • High quality Fine Art Prints.

    • Finish options:

      1. Photo Rag 

      2. Torchon

      3. Bamboo

      4. German Etching® 

    • And all the photos you want to print from Instagram, Facebook, Picsa, SmugMug, Flickr on your computer.

    • Over 15 sizes to choose from.

    • Printed on prestigious Hahnemühle paper.

    • EZ Prints is a Certified Studio for digital fine art paper for Hahnemühle products.

    E:\Blog\Fine Art\Hahnem_hle_FineArt-Logo_2015-2.jpg

    Hahnemühle papers are world-renowned among artist, because they guarantee the best spectrum of color, incomparable resolution and a few hundred-year archival life. EZ Prints underwent a rigorous certification verification process to become a Hahnemühle Certified Studio for digital fine art printing. Among many other criteria our plant showed expert levels in fine art inkjet printing workflow, standardized light color matching conditions, and knowledge of the non-destructive image processing.

    Here is a further descriptions of our paper options:

    We have many different sizes and options to fit your needs!

                                               Dont forget to visit to print your very own fine art prints! Perfect for photography and artwork to decorate your home!

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