Create a square photo book that is perfect for your Instagram pictures. Submitted by Kara H. from her blog: photo accordion

What you’ll need:

  • 5x5 Prints from Target Photo
  • Cardstock
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon
photo accordion

How to make it:

  • Go to the Prints Page to print your photos. You'll need about six different prints.
  • Cut 5x10 inch strips of cardstock. Fold each strip in half and adhere together using the double sided tape.
  • Adhere your pictures to each square.
  • Tape a piece of ribbon to the center of the front book. Place the ribbon so it is about 5 inches long on the right and about 20 inches long on the left so it wraps around and ties.
  • Create your cover and adhere to the front of the book. (Print out the one featured here:
  • Fold the book closed and tie the ribbon in a bow.
photo accordion