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Grey-5x7 Photo Panel

5x7 Photo Panel

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Photo Panel Details

  • Print sublimated on a "block" or panel
  • No frame, glass or laminate
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays, scuffs, scratches, spills and fading
  • Ready to display, with easel

look ma, no frames!

Love your pics? Then lose the glare! When you want nothing between your eyes and your pictures, switch to photo panels. This sleek, desktop photo display has your picture printed directly onto a block.

It's fitted with an easel back and is read to display as is. No frame, no glass, no glare - just your beautiful photo in a glossy finish for everyone to admire. Photo panels look great on your desk, mantel, counter, piano top or just about anywhere you want. They come in different sizes and with different design styles to make your photo pop. What's more, they're scratch, spill and UV resistant, keeping your photos as good as new for a long time to come.

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